Mountain View


Students doing a great job during Run for Fun!

Run 4 Fun!

The Run for Fun program encourages students to be healthy and physically fit. This program is open to any students who would like to run or walk during their lunch recess, my self and others will be keeping track of how far the students run and will be awarding small prizes for every 5 miles that are completed.

†††††††††††† There are also in the hallways of the Mt. View giant shoes, each shoe is for a different mileage club. The shoes have stars on them, the stars are for the studentís who have made that mileage club, each star has a name of a student on them.

†††††††††††† We would also like to invite and encourage any parents/guardians who would like to participate or help out with Run for Fun to contact me at the Mt. View.

119 D Street Northwest

Quincy, WA 98848


If you would like to help with Run 4 Fun, please contact Mr. Medina at: